Federal Trade Commission Bans Noncompetes For Nearly All Workers

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a final rule banning workplace non-competes nationwide. The rule defines non-competes to include a term or condition of employment that prohibits workers from, penalizes workers for, or functions to prevent a worker from (1) seeking or accepting work in the...

Minnesota Legislature Takes Aim at Employment Non-Compete Agreements

In recent years, more and more employers have required their workers to sign non-compete agreements, which forbid the workers from taking new jobs at other companies in the same industry after leaving the old employer.

The Federal Trade Commission Proposes Banning Noncompete Agreements for Workers

On January 5, 2023 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a ban on non-compete agreements, which would free up workers to take new jobs with competing companies, or start their own competing businesses, without fear of being sued by their former employers.