Parker Daniels Kibort probably has more experience representing Self-Storage Facilities than any other firm in Minnesota.  Our Self-Storage team at Parker Daniels Kibort helps our clients address many of the countless issues Self-Storage Facilities face on a daily basis, including:

    • Drafting and revising lease and notices to make sure they comply with
      the Minnesota Self-Service Storage Act
    • Limitations of liability
    • Tenant fails to pay rent
    • Abandoned property
    • Eviction
    • Lien and action timelines and schedules
    • Late Notices
    • Lien Notices
    • Late fees
    • Auction
    • Selling a tenant’s car, boat, or RV if they fail to pay rent
    • Insurance
    • Authorized Access Persons
A perspective view down a corridor of storage units

In an effort to avoid these types of issues Self-Storage Facilities should insure their leases are well written and are clear and unambiguous, especially on the issues of when rent is due and what happens if it is not paid on time.  It is also important that you review the Minnesota Self-Service Storage Act to make certain that your lease and your lien sale procedures are in compliance with statute.  This includes complying with the terms of the statute, minimum waiting periods, mailing of notices, language that must be included in the notice, etc., your liability to your tenant for wrongful sale is minimized or completely eliminated.  


Self-Storage Facilities

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