Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Secrets all make up the key areas of intellectual property, or “IP” law. Our firm knows intellectual property law, from the planning and creation of those assets, through their various life cycles.  We can also assist you with plans and agreements to properly register, protect and exploit your intellectual property assets or catalogues. 

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Creative works such as music, recordings, film, books, advertising copy, architectural plans, Internet posts or web pages and physical works are protected by copyright.  Trademark protects words, logos, short phrases and aspects that identify your goods & services to consumers—and apart from your competitors! Patents protect inventions and unique business or scientific methods.  Trade secret laws protect your business data, proprietary information and confidential procedures or competitive knowledge.  All of these IP laws should be practiced and enforced, to give you and your business the best protection and competitive advantage possible!

Sometimes, IP litigation may be necessary to protect your rights, and the value of your IP assets.  Parker Daniels Kibort works with our clients, to proactively avoid litigation, whenever possible.  But when bad acts occur that threaten or harm you, your IP rights or your bottom line, our team recognizes the importance of quickly and effectively investigating, strategizing and resolving your IP problems.

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