Appellate Advocacy works in conjunction with the client to ask a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court or administrative agency. Parker Daniels Kibort assists you through an appeals process by analyzing trial records and documents, researching and analyzing case law, drafting persuasive briefs and appellate documents, advocating in appellate courts before appellate judges and assisting trial counsel in framing issues at trial and in preserving the record for appeal.

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We provide aggressive, creative and practical representation for our clients who look to us to preserve their victories or rectify their losses on appeal in complex areas of litigation.

Appellate Advocacy

Three Pillars of Success

Parker Daniels Kibort strives to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. To do so, we realize the importance of the following:


Our clients deserve results. We aim to deliver and we hope to exceed your expectations.


Timely and accurate communication is key to happy clients and winning results. You deserve our undivided attention.


We value our clients. We work closely with you to establish  mutual respect and trustworthy rapport.

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