MyPillow Stands in Defense of Free Speech, Sues Dominion Voting Systems in Minnesota



MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Monday, April 19, 2021

My Pillow, Inc. sues Dominion Voting Systems in Minnesota Federal District Court today. The lawsuit seeks to hold Dominion responsible for the harm its campaign of intimidation, threats, and billion-dollar lawsuits have inflicted on fundamental free speech rights for all Americans.  Dominion has bragged about its ability to stifle anyone who dares speak out about the 2020 election and concerns of vote manipulation and irregularities.

As stated in MyPillow’s Complaint, “Defendants have engaged in a scorched earth campaign, debasing the legal system through a practice that has become known as ‘lawfare.’  Dominion’s purpose is to silence debate; to eliminate any challenge to the 2020 presidential election; and to cancel and destroy anyone who speaks out against Dominion’s work on behalf of the government in administering the election.”

Dominion’s desire to prop up its public image, punish, and scare its critics into silence, and protect its American election profits does not justify steamrolling an innocent American pillow manufacturer.

“Dominion wants to destroy me,” said MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell. “To do that, it is trying to harm the company I founded, and it doesn’t care about the company’s employees, customers, suppliers, or other shareholders. Dominion is willing to run over all those people to hurt me.”

The papers filed by MyPillow allege Dominion is using threatening letters from its lawyers, exaggerated lawsuits, and widespread media publicity to silence and destroy high-profile critics such as Lindell, in part by convincing MyPillow’s customers and suppliers to cut ties with the company.

“We’re a pillow company. We don’t comment on elections,” said Mark Schabert, the company’s controller and a director. “Dominion’s attacks have pushed several of our longstanding, corporate customers into terminating their relationships with us. Our employees’ lives have been threatened, for which we have had to seek local law enforcement protection. This is wrong.”

MyPillow’s court filing emphasizes the constitutional values it seeks to uphold by suing Dominion. Legendary civil rights and First Amendment attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Nathan Lewin are partnering with the litigation law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort in defense of MyPillow. “This is one of the most significant First Amendment cases in our lifetime. The chilling effect of the voting company’s destructive conduct on freedom of speech is enormous as it combines with our current cancel culture to curtail a robust and open debate in the public square of the important issue of election irregularities,” Dershowitz explained.

“As an American company steeped in American values, MyPillow fully supports freedom of speech and debate,” said Lindell. “I have strong political views, and I don’t hesitate to express them. I’ve had a lot to say about problems with the 2020 elections. Everything I have said is true, and I stand by it all. While MyPillow does not take a position on these matters, it does not stand in my way when I exercise my right as an individual American citizen to share my thoughts. And just as the Constitution prohibits Dominion, a government actor, from punishing me for my speech, the Constitution also prohibits Dominion from punishing MyPillow for my speech.”

MyPillow itself was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by Dominion in Washington, D.C. MyPillow has brought a motion for immediate dismissal of Dominion’s lawsuit.

MyPillow’s motion states, “This case is part of a coordinated crusade by Dominion to silence debate regarding a matter of the utmost public concern in a democratic society – the integrity of its elections.  [Dominion] is a private company hired by the government to perform the critical governmental function of helping to conduct free and fair elections.  The freedom to speak openly in the public square about such subjects is a keystone foundational freedom of our democracy. It is under assault in this lawsuit.”

Dominion’s lawsuit against MyPillow, along with several other Dominion billion-dollar lawsuits, are brought to suppress and shut down free speech. MyPillow, on the other hand, brings its suit to end Dominion’s wrongful and destructive conduct, and to promote robust speech and defeat suppression of First Amendment rights protecting freedom of expression for everyone.

Read the complaint.
Read the motion for immediate dismssal.


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