Jury Returns a $2M Verdict for Parker Daniels Kibort Client Following an Emotional Two-Week Trial in Fargo North Dakota.

Led by Andrew Parker, Parker Daniels Kibort trial team completed an 18 month lawsuit by receiving an award for Plaintiff Aaron Greterman of more than $2,000,000, one of the biggest slander verdicts in North Dakota history.  The Defendants had spread the accusation that Greterman, a very successful high end residential real estate agent in the Fargo-Moorhead area, had used and offered cocaine to others at a private country club golf event.  The rumors spread and Greterman’s business dried up.  He was ultimately forced to leave Fargo for a market where he could sell homes without the reputational taint that was hampering his ability to earn a living.  The jury trial lasted two weeks and included more than 20 witnesses.  Parker Daniels Kibort fought this case against two defense law firms and proved both that Greterman did not use cocaine nor offer cocaine to others and that he was badly injured by the false accusations.