Mick Spence joins Parker Daniels Kibort team

Russell “Mick” Spence, Jr. has joined the Parker Daniels Kibort team as a partner in the firm.

Mick represents artists, entertainers, media figures and athletes, as well as entrepreneurs and organizations in creative fields. Mick assists individuals and entities on legal issues including:
  • Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Trade Secrets & Right of Publicity/Privacy
  • Software licenses, software as a service agreement, software and application development agreements, equipment leases, equipment maintenance agreements, confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements, consulting agreements, and terms of service/terms of use agreements
  • Asset acquisitions, licensing and protection
  • Complex, multi-party litigation, including class-actions
  • Commercial disputes of all varieties
  • Estate counsel & probate litigation

Mick’s extensive litigation background involves entertainment assets, businesses, talent and their careers. His commercial litigation experience includes shareholder and partnership disputes, infringement actions, class actions, trade secret protection, fraud, unfair competition and even estate or probate disputes.

We are thrilled to add Mick to the PDK team!