Parker Daniels Kibort is proud to announce that two new attorneys that have recently joined the team

Attorneys Abraham Kaplan and Jordon Greenlee have recently joined the Parker Daniels Kibort law firm. Both attorneys received their J.D. at the U of M Law School. Abraham is a litigation associate at Parker Daniels Kibort and his practices focuses... Read more

Abuse Allegations looming over Minnesota Attorney General candidate

Minnesota hasn’t elected a Republican attorney general in over 40 years. Keith Ellison — the prominent Democratic congressman and No. 2 at the Democratic National Committee — is putting that streak to the test.... Read more

Tucker Carlson with Ellison's Accuser and her Attorney

Fox News reporter, Tucker Carlson, interviews Andrew Parker and Karen Monahan. Keith Ellison's ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, accused the Democratic leader of emotional and physical abuse. Tucker Carlson Tonight-... Read more

Lawyer Andrew Parker's developments the Ellison Investigation

Parker finds "Substantial corroborative evidence" despite the report. Read more

PDK Founding lawyer Andrew Parker, represents Karen Monahan in abuse allegations against Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison

Parker Daniels Kibort Founding lawyer Andrew Parker, represents Karen Monahan in abuse allegations against Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison. Parker states that, "This whole matter is about giving voice to women, giving voice to abuse... Read more

Prince’s New Album Released, September 21, 2018. Celebrates Photographs by a Parker Daniels Kibort Client.

Parker Daniels Kibort is proud to announce that one of its clients provided cover photography for Prince’s latest album, Piano & a Microphone 1983. Allen Beaulieu, Prince’s personal photographer for the first 7 years of Prince’s meteoric... Read more

Parker Daniels Kibort Super Lawyers

Each year the top 5% of all lawyers in Minnesota are identified by their peers as Super Lawyers in the State. For the 20th consecutive year, Andrew Parker was selected as a Super Lawyer in Employment & Labor Law. Jesse Kibort was selected as a... Read more

Mick Spence joins Parker Daniels Kibort team

Russell "Mick" Spence, Jr. has joined the Parker Daniels Kibort team as a partner in the firm. Mick represents artists, entertainers, media figures and athletes, as well as entrepreneurs and organizations in creative fields. Mick assists... Read more

Greg Arenson joins Parker Daniels Kibort

Greg Arenson has joined Parker Daniels Kibort as an associate attorney specializing in commercial litigation and related cases. Greg is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Law and has previously specialized in intellectual... Read more

Parker and Edwards Podcast on FDCPA

Attorney's Andrew Parker and Anthony Edwards recently presented a continuing legal education podcast for the National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA) regarding the recent Eighth Circuit holding governing Fair Debt Collection Practices Act... Read more